Happy Saturday! 😁
We have had a few people come into the office this week, all looking at sails for one specific reason. They all have wonderful pools in their yards that they wish they could enjoy, but can’t spend the time in the sun because of skin cancer. While sunscreen is always our friend, sometimes sunscreen isn’t enough. Our customers came to us so we could help them solve a problem; they do not want to miss out on the fun you have in the pool during the summer with your family! One gentleman said that he hasn’t been in his pool in over 10 years! 😱
I know how to help!! Shade sails from WECANSHADEIT!
With our shade sails blocking 89-97.7% of the UV rays and a shade factor of 75-97%, these brave people feel safe enough to be in their pool again!! We aren’t suggesting that this will keep you from getting skin cancer, or block all harmful UV rays, its just a good excuse to spend a little more time hangin’ outside this summer. 😉
Chris and Jay are great at taking your existing outside oasis, throwing a little shade and elevating your space to be more functional and practical, all while keeping a professional look.
Stop by the office or give us a call! We’ll answer all of your questions and even do free estimates!
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