Stainless Steel Hardware

Salt Air would kill any other hardware

Our hardware does not rust

You will not find a better choice, WECANSHADEIT only uses materials that are perfect for the Panama City Beach area.

Strong Connections

What goes up must not come down

Our hardware is tested to withstand high winds

We warrant our shade sails for up to 40 miles per hour winds, this can only be done through strong connection points.

Seams that Last

4000 pound fabric used when sewing

Seams are the first thing to go on a shade sail

With seat belt seaming and fabric rated to last long and withstand 4,000 pounds of pressure, we engineer our shade sails to last. If we could make them better we would.


Two guys born and raised in Panama City Beach that have been in the construction/building businesses all their lives were approached by multiple customers to help provide some relief from the ever present hot sun.  This led to an investigation of possible solutions.  What was cost effective, pleasing to the eye and could solve the problem without building a large permanent structure?  Many options were explored and after significant research, the idea of a Shade Sail was presented.

Shade Sails are extremely popular in Australia and the Southwest USA.  The introduction of Shade Sails along the panhandle of Florida had not been executed on a grand scale.

The firs step was to take care to the current inquiring customers and meet their needs.  After these initial installations and with the clients amazed with the look, feel, cost and efficiency of their projects, a new business was born.

What was originally an add on product to our current business, the shade sails soon developed into a stand alone company. WECANSHADEIT now has hundreds of successful installations all across the panhandle. We want to invite you to our Panama City Beach location at 8109 Panama City Beach Parkway to explore for yourself how a Shade Sail installation can help your property or business.

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Panama City Beach Shade Sail Projects

Installing triangle shades over picnic tables at various public parks was a great honor for our company.
Just outside the student center WECANSHADEIT was asked to help provide a more useful space for students to congregate. The multiple shade sail installation is amazing to see but also a great addition for students and faculty alike.
Not just for shade, Boardwalk Beach Resort hired us to spruce up their covered entrance.
No longer will you fry in the sun along Front Beach Road in Panama City Beach, FL. Thomas Donut gave us the honor of covering their outdoor eating area with three beautiful shade sails.

About the Owners

Jay White
Jay WhitePrincipal
With a background in home building and the hard scape business, Jay White has spent his career building and designing. From the first inquiry for a shade structure, to building multiple business locations for WECANSHADEIT, Jay’s background and long success of delivering great installations for the customer has been the foundation of his success. Knowing that your business is only as good as your last installation, Jay is sure to keep everyone involved with WECANSHADEIT on the same page of taking care of the customer.
Chris Burchfield
Chris BurchfieldPrincipal
As a local home builder, developer and contractor, Chris has a long history of taking a project from the concept phase to completion. Delivering on the customers vision and timeline with great design and practical construction procedures ensures the delivery of a great project every time, this is what Chris brings to the table with every installation. Chris’s customer focus with great design ideas and practical construction solutions has been a major catalyst for the success of WECANSHADEIT.

Formally Unique Shade Solutions - Now WECANSHADEIT

WECANSHADEIT changed its name from Unique Shade Solutions. We would love to see your property and the area where WECANSHADEIT.

8109 Panama City Beach Parkway
Panama City Beach FL. 32407
(850) 238-9970

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