Who Are You Reppin’ Today?

Driving around town is an ode to the local colleges and sports. Most cars have a sticker or license plate cover as a devotion to their team. (Especially those dang Alabama fans! 😜#JayOneOfTheOwners) On my [...]

Special Spot With No Shade?

When you think of Florida, what do you think of? Sun? Water? Beach? Fishing? Boating? All of the above?! ☀️🏝️🐟   And everything in Florida (especially in the summer) is HOT!🔥 Why not throw [...]

Shade is Our Friend

Happy Saturday! 😁 We have had a few people come into the office this week, all looking at sails for one specific reason. They all have wonderful pools in their yards that they wish [...]

Hot Summer

If we have learned anything from these first 2 days of summer, we know this is gonna be a hot one! ☀ Remember how hot your steering wheel or the slide at the park gets [...]

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

This Spring has thrown us some crazy weather with "Hurricane" (weak, sub-tropical storm) Alberto, the heat and all that spring rain. Here at WECANSHADEIT, we are ready for the summer. The rain today has us [...]

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